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Jacobs House Founder 1991


About Jacob's House

Jacob's House began as a division of The Garden, a program for the homeless in Richmond, Texas in 1991 and was later established as a sperate  non profit.  In 2008 Jacob's House ​@ Thunder Ranch opened outside Branson Missouri.  We have a long and strong history of commitment to those who want change in their circumstances and who need a helping hand to fulfill their potential.  Whenever there is "trouble" in a life whether it be loss of employment, income, home or family member. Trouble also comes through addiction and children with mental, physical and emotional problems and pressure affects everyone ~ we try to be that pause button that stops the immediate pressure, helps establish a plan and provides the support to accomplish it.  At Jacob's House we:




Jacob's House Founder 2014



127 Mission Project Team
Be The One Ministry
College of the Ozarks

Jacob's House enjoys the support of volunteers both locally and from out of state.  We offer internships and volunteer opportunities to young people from colleges, high schools, and church groups. We provide an excellent environment for camps, fireside gatherings, and holiday celebrations.


We partner with local ministries in feeding the hungry, networking together to keep the surrounding communities strong.  When we work together, we all become stronger.  


Are you affiliated with a group who need a community service project?  Are you looking for volunteer opportunities?

2017 College of the Ozarks Workday


Be The One Ministry Team

Thank You, From a Jacob's House Resident

"I am thankful for all of the partners and especially to those who don't have much themselves, who sacrifice stuff that they may have been wanting for a long time, and yet, they still contribute to my future.  Sacrifice is a good word about our friends because your time and thoughtfulness are incredible.  One Christmas a lady from another state went shopping in a mall (one week after leaving the hospital from a liver transplant) to shop for our gifts.  I received the exact thing I had wanted, and I did not know her personally, and the gift was not on any list.  I will never forget the help, the prayers, the support, the birthday cards and the sacrifice of your time.  Penny always says we can not give back time or create more, so don't waste it.  Well, I can't give you back time, but I will be a better man because you gave me yours."

Thank You

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